Eremitibis - Geronticus eremita - Northern Bald Ibis or Waldrapp - L'Ibis chauve

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Eremitibis - Geronticus eremita - Northern Bald Ibis or Waldrapp -  L'Ibis chauve
NF Photo 121111 at Tamri, Morocco

An ugly bird! I guess not even it´s mother can think it is sweet. But I don´t think that is the reason for it to be at the edge of extinction.
Read more about the Conservation Program. Bald Ibis Conservation Program  and Waldrapp.eu

About Northern Bald Ibis on wiki

you tube video

Wild Bird Wednesday    NF Winged 73

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  1. *hi hi* Vilka lustiga ena! Tänker på sådana där teatermasker när jag ser dem! Kul att du sett sådana på riktigt! Ha det gott! /Pia

  2. So homely he's cute! Kind of reminded me of "our" wood storks in that way. Definitely should NOT be on the extinction list (no bird should of course!).

  3. That is such an interesting looking bird. Great photos.

  4. Herlig bildeserie og spennende video!
    Vi så også denne type ibis i Marokko!

  5. What a strange looking bird .... They are similar in shape to the Australian white ibis but their bald heads are not a pretty sight.

  6. How cool, the bald Ibis are neat. Great sightings and photos!

  7. Ugly indded but really interesting specimens.

  8. Ugly, but presumably functional. Hope they survive.

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. What an amazing bird! I don't find it Ugly at all.... it's a Unique Beauty :)

  10. Interesting bird. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  11. Påminner om vår storspov med den långa näbben.


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