This one puzzles me

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NF Photo 121115,  Dakhla Bay, Western Sahara, Morocco

This one puzzles me. At first I thought it was a Black-headed Gull in winterplumage. But I don´t see any dark markings on the head. Bill and legs are red on this shot and the legs seem very long. I can´t figure out from my book who it is. Anyone knows??

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  1. No cannot help with that one. Is that a ring on its leg? Where you able to rad the ring?

  2. Gulls are hard to identify, at least they are for me. So sorry I can't help.

  3. Great photo - even if I find your gulls hard to ID.

  4. Fin bild på mysteriemåsen.

  5. I have not even begun to try to id gulls. There are way TOO many variations and species. Pretty shot!

  6. Not me!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. not from my side of the world; lovely image though of this gull of some kind

  8. Not a hope in heaven of my help, gulls are not my strong point. Nice shot though.


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