121119 Wetland south of Layounne

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© NF Photo 121119, Layounne , Western Sahara, Morocco
I can see Ruddy Shelduck and Stilts among others in the last shot. And a heron. The rest is probably some ducks and gulls.

This was the only place we birded this day and we were above the area. ¤ of the guys went down but my foot was bleeding so I could not. It was not easy either in the sand to get down.
This place is rather close to the Atlantic Ocean but with no connections to it or any river. It is groundwater down there.

Wild Bird Wednesday
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  1. Very interesting place with so many birds but a shame that it wasn't easier to get to.

  2. Ett vackert ställe. Synd att din fot hindrade dig från att gå ner.

  3. Sikkert et sted en finner mange spennende fuglemotiv!

  4. Pretty scenery and a great birdie spot! Have a happy week!

  5. Looks like a great area to explore. Sorry to hear about your foot!

  6. Marvellous scenery. Hope your foot heals quickly.

  7. hi. Hope your foot is better soon. Great scenery and birds.


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