Ökenberglärka - Eremophila bilopha - Temminck’s (horned) Lark

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 Adult there don´t seem to be any difference between male and female
Ökenberglärka - Eremophila bilopha - Temminck’s (horned) Lark
© NF Photo 121121,  a desert area south of Guelmim, Morocco

I ws quite pleased when I found the image of the juvenile in my files. I´m not sure really if I did see the bird other then the movement gave it away.
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  1. I have seen horned larks in Eastern Oregon. But never such good pictures.

  2. Pretty Horned Lark, it looks similar to the Horned Lark we see here. Great shots!

  3. That Lark is one smart little bird.
    ll the best Gordon.

  4. This is an awesome bird. Thanks for showing us those horns!

  5. Flotte bilder, likte muligheten til å gjøre bildene større.
    Da så jeg bedre detaljene!

  6. What a lovely bird! I like those little tufts on its head that look like a bull's horns. Very unusual.


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